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Ask The Question: Should your website be a call to action or a roadblock?

The question is; Do you want a web site communicating for you or customers contacting you? Both of course! In short, a website should give the basic information to satisfy who you are and what you do and if you cannot give all the details of your product or service give enough to have them want to call you. How many potential or new clients will actually browse a comprehensive web site on their phone or tablet, our statistics indicate over 30% are using those devices for search and as high as 50% or more on some sites. A standard page on a current monitor can create 8 or more screens on a hand held device. Below is our basic offering, contact us

Basic Web Site:
Pricing & Terms!

  1. Set-up charge $60 for the first page
  2. 1 page site
  3. $120 per year
  4. 1st page is equal to 2.5 screens approximately 1000 x 1500 pixels in total
  5. Maximum of 8 photos or graphic images or combined.
  6. Your choice, a responsive site that fits all screen sizes or a sized site.
  1. $30 set-up charge per additional page.
  2. $15 per year per additional page
  3. Each additional page is equal to 2.5 screens approximately 1000 x 1500 pixels in total
  4. Maximum of 4 photos or graphic images or combined on each additional page

  1. No charge updates, 10 free incidents.
  2. change three words or a price equals 1 incident
  3. Change a sentence or paragraph equals 2 incidents
  4. Change a photo or graphic equals 3 incidents
  5. All changes must be supplied by the owner; in digital format as text or gif, jpg or png file..
  1. Payment is in advance.
  2. Applicable Taxes Extra
  3. All payments are through the secure PayPal Credit Card Portal
  4. After ten incidents, cost are $5 per incident, paid in advance.
  5. Example: You have used up 9 incidents and you want to change a photo. Then 1 incident is free and two are five dollars each.
  6. We’re being fair by updating your site and you need to be fair with the number and complexity of the requests. Anything beyond the defined incident will be quoted separately.
  7. Proceeding with an order means you agree to all of the above TERMS and CONDITIONS!
  8. Check here frequently, as terms might change.

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We don't know sailing but we know graphics creating clear photos with the smallest footprint. Ask The Question draws on many resources from human colaboration to the latest technologies. To create a responsive website you need sotitude yet be close to other resources. Sometimes you simply need to join the crowd and create what the customer wants rather then what the customer needs.